Rope Adventure Activities

Rope Activities are installed in wide variety of places – schools, camps, park districts, and outdoor education centers, as well as in corporate training centers. Each activity can serve a single group, such as students in a school. The single identifying feature is that most often, it is an intact group which comes together to share the challenge experience, and that a curriculum is designed for the specific outcome desired by that group.

We provide setup for High & Low Rope Challeneges for all age groups. Take on each challenge head on and amaze yourself tackling Burma Loop, Horizontal Net, Burma Bridge, Swinging Bridge, Vertical Net Crossing and Wooden Obstacles, with friends, family, colleagues or just by yourself! Outdoors has never been SO CRAZY! No experience or skill required, just a good sense of adventure. Once connected with a harness and given instructions by our professional marshals, that’s it! There’s no looking back! And you can climb, swing, jump, scream, drop, laugh your way through our challenge course, up at 40 feet above the ground. Offering a unique combination of adventure, team building, and personal achievement; and built for endurance and problem solving skills, it is the perfect spot for your company events or just a day out with family and friends.

High Rope Challenge

Burma Loop: Burma Loop, consists of two hand wires, between which hangs ropes in the form of loops that the participant will use to step on. The challenge begins as soon as you set foot on the second loop and your legs start swinging in unison with the Burma Loops.

Horizontal Net: The Horizontal Net is a climbing net suspended horizontally. Participants walk across the unsteady net to get from one side to the other.

Burma Bridge: It comprises of one foot line and two hand lines. Similar to the Burma Loop, with plenty of stability and support, fear and self motivation are the chief obstacles to overcome in this particular activity.

Swinging Bridge: One of the more challenging elements, the Swinging Bridge requires the participant to step out on to a wobbly, broken, unsteady bridge and cross to the other side with the help of two hand lines. Participants will be encouraged to be fully aware of not just physical but inner balance, focus and determination.

Vertical Net Crossing: Vertical Net Crossing is a climbing net that will be suspended vertically from one overhead cable. Participants climb horizontally on this net to traverse from one end to the other.

Wooden Obstacles: This activity is a series of long wooden cylindrical pipes placed vertically equidistant from each other. The participant is required to hold on to the wooden “obstacles” while placing their feet between the same. Requiring for him/her to sometimes actually let go of the pipe behind to reach the pipe in front, it is a great metaphor for reaching towards the future and facing fears of letting go in order to get ahead, hence tapping into your inner courage.

Low Rope Challenge

Amuse yourself as you find yourself move across the course - from Balancing Plank to Tyre Swing; from Fire Cracker Bridge to Monkey Tail; from Broken Bridge to Swinging Beam – all the while being connected to a harness. Find yourself jumping, screaming, laughing or dropping, your safety guaranteed at the highest possible standards of quality.

Balancing Plank: This involves planks of wood being placed over thick metal wires, which inevitably make the planks extremely shaky, as you cross from one side to another. Probably the most fun of the Low Ropes Challenge Course activities, find yourself bursting into hysterical laughter as you dance across this crazy activity!

Tyre Swing: The Tyre Swing, requires the participant to use the tyres to walk across from one end to another, all the while using the rope through which each hangs, for balance and grip.

Fire Cracker Bridge: The Fire Cracker Bridge is a tough one requiring a great amount of focus, balance and concentration. Find yourself cross from one end to the other with no support whatsoever, save two marshals flanked on either side, and of course, pure balance within.

Monkey Tail: The Monkey Tail is one where the participant has only a metal wire to walk on, and dangling ropes randomly hung for grip and support while moving from one end to another.

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